We’re confident you’ll see first-hand just how hard our crews work to make your trip unforgettable. Because of this, we highly recommend tipping at the end of the charter. This is a great way to show your appreciation for the crew, and it’s also an important part of the service culture of Greece, where tipping is seen as genuine feedback on an individual’s work.

While tipping can vary based on the size of your group, the guidelines below can help you understand an average tip when charter sailing in Greece.

  • Charters with a captain and hostess: 15-20% of charter price (this total can be split between captain and hostess)
  • Charters with a captain only: 10-15% of charter price

On captain-only charters without a hostess, it is also common to offer the captain snacks and/or lunch during the trip. While they may not accept, they are often sailing all day and rarely have time to prepare lunch on their own.

Tipping note: Cash is the best option when tipping, however if you don’t have enough cash at the end of the charter you can email us and we can collect the tip via Venmo/PayPal/Zelle.