Is there a safe onboard the yacht?

Unfortunately, due to insurance policies, we do not have safes on the yachts. The yachts are very secure when locked, and we’ve never had a problem with theft. If you would like to bring a small travel-sized safe, we recommend something similar to this model:

What is Half Board?

Our hostess and half-board option is the perfect way to experience an all-inclusive sailing experience with the expertise of a local talented Greek hostess/chef. Specifically this includes the following: A talented and friendly hostess/chef will assist the captain with sailing and anchoring in port as well as prepare breakfast and lunches throughout your journey. Daily…

Can I add a Hostess to any trip?

It is possible to add a hostess to any of our charters as long as there is an extra cabin available for the hostess to sleep in. Here are there details for each yacht: Lagoon 380: 2 cabins for passengers, 2 cabins for crew. Max 4 passengers with hostess Saona 47: 4 cabins for passengers,…

Why Are Prices In EUR?

We welcome guests from all over the world. Our trips are priced in the local currency of Greece (EUR). However, we do accept payment via bank/wire transfer in USD, EUR, and GBP. We can also accept credit card payment in USD, however there is an additional 2.9% processing fee added.

Where should I eat dinner?

We highly recommend consulting with your skipper on where to eat dinner, especially on the smaller islands. In Greece, dinners are a very important event for family and friends to get together. Dinners generally last many hours and include many courses of fresh Mediterranean dishes, usually accompanied by carafes of wine. Every island has unique…

Where does the skipper sleep?

Generally the skipper will sleep in one of the available cabins. On smaller catamarans this would be one of the standard rooms, while some larger yachts have specific skipper cabins. If you have any questions about this, just let us know.

When is breakfast?

On a hostess/half-board charter a continental breakfast will be provided on the boat. On skipper-only charters, most clients prefer to walk to a local bakery and grab some breakfast each morning. You’ll also have time while in port to have some cereal or cook some breakfast on the boat. It’s a good idea to ask…